Message from Shahbaz Sharif

Chief Minister of the Punjab


I take great pleasure in congratulating the organizers of the Lahore Literary Festival on the second edition of their event. Such activity, I believe, is not only essential to rejuvenating our rich cultural past, but is also an important means for engaging our country’s youth in a meaningful way. I firmly hold that no country or people can move forward unless they learn to appreciate their culture, history, language and arts. Today, Pakistani artists are making international news and our young writers are gaining popularity around the world. The Lahore Literary Festival provides them a much-needed platform to share their work and ideas with a public that is ever-receptive. It will also give foreign delegates who are participating in the festival the chance to get a glimpse of Pakistan’s intellectual and cultural heritage. At moments such as this in the history of Pakistan, where our youth need a renaissance, the Lahore Literary Festival can become a beacon of light. I welcome all the delegates and hope they will enjoy the landscape and the heritage that we are so proud of.


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