Message from Razi Ahmed

Founder and CEO, LLF


The Lahore Literary Festival is grateful for the generous support extended to us by our partners, sponsors, and friends. LLF is a collective endeavor that showcases the best and brightest literary talent from Pakistan and abroad. LLF 2014 features over 100 speakers from eight countries, panel discussions in three languages, 120 volunteers, art installations and exhibitions, performances, and book—and food—stalls.

The three-day program has been meticulously put together by our blue-ribbon Advisory Committee for this year’s festival. This Advisory Committee is led by Nusrat Jamil, whose support and dedication have contributed immeasurably to LLF’s success.

Building on last year’s success, the program this year offers greater depth and diversity: from the Middle East to the Himalayas, a vast range of captivating themes captured through the literary lens. And while LLF 2014 has greater international representation this year, it is still very much rooted in Lahore’s rich tradition of storytelling and creative expression, featuring a wide range of interdisciplinary panels and dialogues in English, Urdu, and Punjabi.

We’re excited about Bank Alfalah’s activity lounge at the Alhamra; this is aimed at encouraging, scouting, and promoting new voices and new talent. Would-be writers and artists shouldn’t miss this feature. We’re also excited about our enduring partnership with the Dawn Media Group, which has put together this commemorative supplement.

After a year of hard work and planning, the second annual Lahore Literary Festival is here! We hope LLF 2014 lives up to the expectations Lahori and non-Lahori audiences have attached to it. We are delighted to welcome you to LLF 2014 at the Alhamra.


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