Advisory Board

The Advisory Board for LLF 2015 comprises (in alphabetical order):

Ahmed Rashid, bestselling author, chairman of the LLF 2015 Organizing Committee
Aysha Raja, founder, The Last Word bookstores
Khaled Ahmed, author and consulting editor, Newsweek Pakistan
Mohsin Hamid, critically-acclaimed novelist
Muneeza Shamsie, former regional chairperson of the Commonwealth Writers Prize
Mushtaq Soofi, poet
Nusrat Jamil, former journalist and president of the LLF 2015 Advisory Board
Salima Hashmi, educator and internationally-acclaimed artist
Zareena Saeed, educator

Patrons of LLF 2015

The support and guidance of the following individuals, the Patrons of LLF 2015, have been invaluable in putting together this year’s festival:

Syed Yawar Ali
Nighat Ali
Amber Saigol
Syeda Henna Babar Ali

Navid Shahzad
Sehyr Saigol
Ayesha Jalal

Aneela Shah
Atif Bajwa

The Advisory Board, whose membership is unremunerated and voluntary, changes on an annual basis and is responsible for structuring the LLF program. Each year, the LLF Board of Governors endeavors to bring together successful artists, authors, entrepreneurs, educators to contribute their experience and expertise through the Advisory Board toward shaping a program worthy of Lahore’s audiences.